Two Birds Old Tom Gin


A brilliant re-creation of the Old Tom style of gins distilled in London in the 18th century by Mark and Lyn from Two Birds Countryside Spirits. 200 years ago, distillers used herbs, spices and sugar to sweeten their gins and sometimes to mask the rough flavours of the alcohol! Head distiller Mark has added extra botanicals to his normal set of five including liquorice root, giving Two Birds Old Tom Gin a delicious full bodied texture and a rich spicy flavour.


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Two Birds Old Tom Gin

Two Birds Old Tom Gin, a fragrant nose with juniper pine, balanced with lavender and earthy spices. A smooth and rounded palate, with juniper and citrus flavours balanced with a rich liquorice spice and fruit notes. Perfect with premium tonic.


Origin: Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Size: 700ml
ABV: 40%


Orris root
Citrus fruits
Angelica root

Gin & Tonic

Perfect with a premium Indian tonic and a twist of lemon zest.


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