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Why Craft Gins?

We started Craft Gins to showcase the outstanding artisan gin distilleries in the UK and beyond and the extraordinary gins that they have created. Our gin distillers have given up their jobs, remortgaged their houses, turned their kitchens into laboratories and scoured the ends of the earth (and occasionally also their own back gardens!) to source the finest herbs, spices, fruits and flowers, all in the pursuit of creating the greatest hand crafted small batch gins. With over 30 independent artisan distilleries and more than 70 craft gins to choose from, we are sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Craft Gins.

What are Craft Gins?

Craft in distilling means many things to different people but, for us at Craft Gins, it means spirits created with care and passion in small batches by independent distillers and distilleries. These pioneering distillers bring with them a flair for innovation and creativity, re-creating vintage styles of gin from past centuries and cultivating locally grown botanicals in their own back gardens. What unites them all is a profound enthusiasm for artisan distilling and a belief that the best things really do come in small batches!

Who are we?

Crafts Gins was started by three friends, Jass, Roberto and Tim, who discovered their enthusiasm for all things gin while working in cocktail bars. This led us in 2012 to open our very own boutique spirits store in St. Albans in Hertfordshire specialising in craft spirits, with a particular focus on small batch gins from independent distilleries. Our gin shelf steadily grew until half the shop was taken over with gins! Working with this new generation of passionate and creative distillers encouraged us to put together a website dedicated to them and their extraordinary gins. We are sure you will find their stories just as fascinating and engaging as we have.

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