Bloody Gin and tonic anyone?

Well it is Halloween after all…..

With Halloween around the corner, its only fitting that we enjoy maybe a themed G&T to feel like we are joining in with the kiddie winks. Adults can have fun too…. So I give you the Bloody gin and tonic.

For our bloody gin and tonic you will need: Large rocks or Gin goblet, ice cubes, standard gin, blackberry or raspberry gin liqueur, tinned lychees, fresh blackberries, red food colouring, tonic and if you really want to go all out…dry ice if you can source.

First lets the prepare the eyeballs, after all, this is the big appeal of the drink. Tinned lychees come out of tin as hollow balls. Place a drop of red food colouring into the hollow hole. Take a blackberry and take a slice off the top. Push this into the hollow hole of the lychee. Boom…one eyeball. Repeat as needed for the desired amount of eyeballs.

Take your gin glass and add 20ml of your chosen gin liqueur. Add about 4 ice cubes, add 1-2 eyeballs, then top the glass up with ice. Then slow pour your tonic to about half way thus creating a bottom layer of blood. Take your gin and add 25ml. Finish off by topping up with more tonic and garnish with another eyeball

We mentioned about being really fancy… Try adding a few pellets of dry ice to really create the effect of being in Dr Jekyll’s lab.



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