Copper in the clouds & James’s journey into the world of spirits began with the formation of a community, bringing together passionate people who wanted access to limited edition releases from the country’s finest distilleries. You can only orchestrate exclusive bottlings for so long before needing to explore the creative process yourself. Copper in the Clouds is just that, a small team, on a farm in Hertfordshire, continually exploring the world of flavour

James founder of copper in the clouds, gin

There’s the fast way, and there’s the right way.

Every tiny process that goes into making one of our bottles has been designed with quality in mind. Whether it’s our slow and traditional distillation technique or our meticulous attention to detail during the hand-finishing of the bottles, we’re striving for excellence at every stage.

Founder & Director

Every spirit Copper in the cloud create starts with the same question. What story do the want this liquid to tell? From celebration spirits to woodland walks, each distillate tells its own tale. The perfection of the process, communicating stories through sprits, will be their lifetimes work.

dowsetts farm, copper in the cloud, gin


Surrounded by ancient woodlands in the Hertfordshire countryside lies Dowsetts Farm. A truly stunning location that inspires our work as distillers. In a restored former tractor workshop, lies the home of Copper in the clouds

It’s Jame’s belief that life’s special moments deserve special spirits. Copper in the cloud exist to create products which will be cherished and savoured by all who drink them. Aiming only for exceptional every step of the way.


All of our products are distilled using our two flame fired, copper pot stills. We macerate our botanicals before heating the still to extract more intense flavours and aromas. The result is a beautifully pure and clean spirit of the very highest quality.

copper in the cloud still


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