Flowerbomb gin


Flowerbomb gin

Ultra floral, luxury gin is the best way to describe Flowerbomb.
Flowerbomb was created to be the ultimate celebration spirit. James sourced the very best floral botanicals from all over the world to achieve a sublime distillate with a superbly elegant bouquet.

Chamomile and bitter orange blossom give depth and length and are the jewels of the recipe. Rose, lavender and jasmine provide fresh flavours, released onto the tongue in layers whilst sipping. Juniper berries, coriander seed an orris root are the perfect platform for the flowers to thrive on. Heather flowers, calendula and violet offer their delicate profiles to the recipe in the form of top notes easily identified with the nose.


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Flowerbomb gin from Copper in the clouds distillery

Flowerbomb is pungent floral gin with Heather and violet lifting the senses on the nose. The palate opens with rose, lavender and jasmine following with orange blossom, light citrus and finishes with chamomile. Flowerbomb is a welcome addition to Hertfordshire gins and is perfect with premium light tonic . Garnish with rose petals and lemon peel.



Origin: The Distillery at Dowsetts Farm, Ware, Hertford
Size: 350ml
ABV: 40%


A selection of botanicals including:
Juniper, Pink rose petals, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, heather and orange blossom.

How We Like It

Perfect with premium tonic and a nice pinch of dried rose petals or why not try a dried orange wheel.


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