Durham Gin

Founded in 2014 by Jon Chadwick, Durham Distillery was born after enjoying a fair amount of craft spirits along America’s East Coast, Ivy League University towns. Jon decided to put his skills to use setting up the North-East’s first distillery in his hometown of Durham, initially launching the distillery with its signature, Durham Gin.

Jon wanted to stay true to gin’s traditional characteristics whilst offering a reflection of the city in which it was being produced.

It was decided to balance Juniper with classically Northern flavours (Elderflower, Angelica, Celery Seed) and pairing those with spicier more modern notes (Pink Pepper and Cardamom). After building a micro-still from laboratory glass to test combinations and sampling dozens of gins from around the world, it wasn’t long before the distinctive taste of Durham Gin was born.

Taking inspiration from where it all began, the creation of our logo is a distinctly modern interpretation of the Cathedral’s magnificent Rose Window. When printed on our labels, the “roundel” is distorted, which is then brought back to it’s full circular state as it is refracted through the gin when peering through the front “window” of the bottle.


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