Glendalough Rose Gin


Glendalough Rose Gin Bottling Note

To create Glendalough Rose Gin, the distillers remixed their Wild Botanical Gin recipe, bumping up the fruit, flower and spice notes. In addition, the distillers added three types of rose to the mix – specifically wild rose from the Wicklow mountains, heritage rose and Damask rose (a particularly esteemed variety). The result is as fragrant as you might imagine, though balanced brilliantly with the classic botanicals at its core. Should make a great Aviation cocktail…


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Glendalough Rose Gin

Glendalough Rose Gin, an aromatic nose with notes of fresh pine, flowers, soft juniper and sweetness. The palate opens with gentle sweet spice, Turkish delight with hint of citrus ,blended by orange oil sharpness cutting through with hints of liquorice. G&T best served with Fevertree aromatic tonic some fresh berries and dried rose petals




Origin: Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland
Size: 700ml
ABV: 37.5%


Angelica root
Orris Root
Liquorice root
Liquorice bark
Red clover flower
Ox eye daisy
Wild rose
Damask rose
Heritage rose
Wild angelica

Lemon balm
Sweet cicely
Lady’s bedstraw
Bell heather.

Gin & Tonic

Perfect with premium aromatic tonics, dried rose petals and a selection of red berries or orange twist.


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