Hepple Sloe & Hawthorne Gin


Hepple Sloe & Hawthorne Gin

A well rounded and dry twist on the classic sloe gin, Hepple Sloe & Hawthorn Gin tastes as good as it looks! The intense flavours have been captured through Hepple’s Triple Distilling technique, with super critically extracted juniper


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Hepple Sloe & Hawthorne Gin

Earthy notes of dry hawthorn and spicy, piney juniper alongside rich and sweet sloe berries. The tone of deep rich Morello cherries is unmistakable. Perfect with Sekforde Rasperberry,  Rose and sage premium mixer


Single Bottle, Bottle with 4 Sekforde Rasp & Rose mixers


100% natural and low in sugar and calories (18 calories per 100mls), contains no artificial sweeteners.


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