The Pink gin – The English Drinks Company


The Pink gin – The English Drinks Company

Following their Cucumber Gin, the English Drinks Company have developed another addition to their range – their very own Pink Gin! Featuring a flavour profile based around pomegranate and cinchona, this pleasingly pink tipple balances delicate sweetness and enjoyable bitterness rather handsomely.


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The Pink gin – The English Drinks Company

The Pink gin is a delicious, traditionally crafted gin. Well-integrated juniper bolstered by the cinchona oakiness, followed by a splash of fruity pomegranate and strawberry. Serve over ice with premium tonic with some red fruits.


Origin: The English Drinks Company
Size: 700ml
ABV: 40%


A selection of botanicals including:
Juniper berries, cinchona, redberry and angelica.

How We Like It

Perfect with premium tonic and red fruits


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