58 Gin Chocolate Negroni!

Meet the latest addition to the 58 Gin family, the rather splendid Chocolate Negroni!

The story of the Negroni stretches back nearly one hundred years to a small café in the Italian city of Florence in 1919. Count Camillo Negroni, clearly in the mood for adventure, asked his regular bartender, Fosco Scarselli, to give his usual Americano a little extra kick. Fosco happily obliged, replacing soda water with a healthy slug of gin and garnishing the concoction with orange. News of this delicious new cocktail spread and it was christened the Negroni in honour of the Count.

58 Gin founder Mark Marmont has partnered with a local East London chocolatier to create his Chocolate Negroni. First he infuses his award winning 58 Gin with chocolate husks and then adds Campari and sweet vermouth. Bottled at 28% ABV, Chocolate Negroni is a delicious liquid dessert that is perfect over ice accompanied by a fresh slice of orange. A great stocking filler but why wait until Christmas?!

Click here to find out more about 58 Gin Chocolate Negroni or purchase your very own bottle of this exceptional craft gin below.


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