Welcome to Craft Gins!

Hello and welcome to Craft Gins!

We decided to create Craft Gins to showcase the extraordinary independent small batch gin distillers in the UK and beyond. These pioneers have redefined the world of gin with their innovative approach to small batch distillation and their blending of traditional gin botanicals with locally grown and foraged herbs, spices and flowers.

These gins have a real sense of place and capture the unique flavours and fragrances of the natural world surrounding the micro-distilleries where they are created – from the Devon violets that Tarquin Leadbetter grows in his back garden to the wild juniper berries that Jonathan Engels hand picks from the Inshriach Forest for his Crossbill Gin.

It’s not only in the selection of unusual (and sometimes downright strange – truffle, Douglas Fir and bog myrtle for anyone?) botanicals that distinguishes our gins but also the inventive and endlessly creative approach to distillation. From the glass vacuum distillation techniques of Ian Hart at Sacred Spirits and Will Lowe at the Cambridge Distillery to the use of the CO2 extraction technology by the team at Hepple in the Northumberland moorlands, our distillers delight in pushing the boundaries of the possible in gin distillation and in the process have created some of the most exciting and delicious gins in the world.

Here in our blog, you will find regular musings on all things gin, cocktail recipes and interviews with our distillers. Please subscribe to our blog for regular updates on the world of gins and sign up to our mailing list to hear about the latest special edition releases, new gins joining our site and special offers on your favourite craft gins.


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